Richie and I are here to answer questions, if you want to know anything…”

So… come ask us things?

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Hi! I’m going to be doing Cosplay GIF Answer Question things with my Richard soon!! If you could send us some questions, we would really appreciate it!

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Some of my favourite shots from QCON, last weekend. Taken by Shannen and Elise, and some selfies by me whatup.

Sebastian Moran: TigerStripedSniper
Jim Moriarty: JimMoriartyConsultingHottie
Mycroft Holmes: CakeOnATreadmill
Charly as Herself (normally Greg

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Full Test run of Sebastian Moran for Q-Con in Belfast next week. I’ll be doing one version on the Friday, and the other on the Sunday with Shannen as Jim, and hopefully a quick Pepper Potts on the Saturday woo!

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yes yes yes 

sebastian cosplay, mormor, here i come!!

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Song Meme

Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, whatever it is you listen to music on and then write down the first 20 songs that come up. Tag 10 people that you want to do it too!

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send me a “✎” and ill draw your muse


or i guess i’ll try at least

if you’re not an rp blog, let  me know your rp character/muse/cosplay/favourite, too.

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// For Munday, I know I’m slightly late for the UK, but it took a while to convert and upload and blah blah

yes, so basically I haven’t uploaded a cover in a while, and this song’s been in my head for a while. So, Blondie — Dreaming.


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What You Do || sicariusinferni


Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in.

Breathe out. Gabe exhaled sharply, focusing on breathing properly. If he so wished he could more than likely rip the sniper to shreds if he got angry enough and he really wasn’t in the mood for the paperwork that came with murdering someone for no particular reason. Who’d have thought it? Hell had paperwork. If Gabe hadn’t been so worked up he might have laughed at the ridiculousness that came with paperwork preventing murder.

"Yes," Gabe growled darkly, eyes threatening to flood and tail curled up behind him in a tight ball, also threatening to reveal itself "I do think you are going to answer that." He ran his tongue over his bottom lip in thought, waiting for the man to say something "so, tell me - who do you work for?"

The demon rocked on his heals “no, but I can’t let you do that,” he said slowly “not until you answer my questions.”

Sebastian’s frown stayed in place, but his jaw was more firmly set now. He was watching the stranger carefully. It became increasingly obvious that this wasn’t a problem he could scare off by wagging a gun. And the way he seemed nonplussed by the weapon, not even slightly wary of Sebastian himself after witnessing his shot… that was certainly something to take into consideration. 

This guy clearly had something up his sleeve that let him stand his ground. 

He’d be an idiot to think he had the upper-hand here when he knew nothing but what he could see on the surface. That was exactly the game that Jim played. And this fella had an air of menace that couldn’t be fabricated.

He ran a tongue along his top lip as he thought, and then he lowered his gun. It isn’t exactly a show of faith, or a submission; it’s more him realising that the gun seems to play no role in the conversation, only kept close as a defense, should the man decide to act on the aggression surging through him. 

"Can’t help you there, mate," he said, watching him, assessing his reactions, moving slowly, and he’s starting to pack up his gear as best he can without turning his back or setting his gun down. "I don’t know who hired me, it was just an external contract handed down, all I got was a file and a photo."

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ø T A R G E T   A C Q U I R E D :   yetstillstanding


he wasn’t sure at first. Took a moment to really let the cut of the man sink in, to make sure. Of all the places to run into someone, the middle of bloody Tescos, with Sebastian stood frowning ever so slightly at the side of his head in the cereal aisle — he’d only been cutting through to get to the booze — what were the chances?


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