one of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces / x pink floyd

 thenew-consequentialist asked me to draw “something with lyrics that i think suit them”


one of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces x pink floyd

 thenew-consequentialist asked me to draw “something with lyrics that i think suit them”

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he taught me belonging ; AU


As subtle as his movements were, they were still quick and precise; every inch Sebastian won in edging away from the boy, Jim immediately took away again by closing in, looking awfully interested in the way the man would get rid of those dreadful lumps of dried cheese. Oh, dishes. Weren’t they just exciting? The very determined look of focus on Sebastian’s face only confirmed Jim’s earlier suspicions even further: obsessive compulsive in relation to domestic cleanliness, unable to bear even just a lingering smudge, restless in the face of any mess he might not be able to get rid of right away. Anankastic, yet still in a relatively non-restrictive stage. Orderly, above all else, and most certainly averse to any major changes in his life. He had read about this. Obviously, he wasn’t an expert; but then it didn’t require an expert to understand that he himself constituted a considerable change - one that was bound to both make the man uncomfortable and aggravate the urge to take control in any way possible. That, of course, meant a decisive goodbye to the cheese. So long.

Naturally, this was the sort of man who would have every possible little detail about his life planned out in advance. Run, shower, breakfast, work. There were no uncertainties about his schedule; every day was the same. Work, preparation, dinner, sleep. Jim could only imagine how horrifically dull (and so very, very lonely) this life must be. Being the selfless little Samaritan that he was, he would of course do his best to help his flatmate solve that problem.

His helpfulness didn’t quite expand enough, however, to help the man with his task (being as compulsive as he was, he probably preferred to do it himself, anyway), so Jim was left standing close, observing still. He would learn how he moved, how he tended to react, would learn to predict his actions before the man had devised them himself. Jim already had the knowledge in theory; now all he would need was practice. He was nothing if not uncomfortably attentive.

"University", he corrected without blinking, very matter-of-factly. He wasn’t a child, obviously. "I am not required to attend every day, I can learn wherever I want. You won’t have to go without me for all too long, don’t worry."

There was a flicker of irritation in his expression every push Jim made to stand closer any time Sebastian attempted to put distance between them. Much as he told himself not to think about it too much, how could he not. The perfect little solitary life he had created for himself was being pried open, and tainted by this new little stain that he was finding it difficult to scrub away so far. So far being the few hours they had now spent in the same quarters. And as nice and spacious as he had previously considered his flat having been, now seemed that little bit more constrictive. 

He didn’t want running and work and anything away from here to become an escape from the boy, same as he didn’t at all enjoy the idea of leaving this little kid alone in his house all day to raise his leg and leave his scent over all of his possessions. Figuratively, of course. He hoped. 

There were only a few more ‘subtle’ attempts at putting distance between him before words bit sharply from his tongue, “take a step back.” And wasn’t it funny that he had to stop himself from adding ‘private’, to the end of that sentence. Old habits really do die hard. Once a soldier, always a soldier. How easily he would slot back into that life if he was summoned. Far more simple than the life he had constructed with his past in mind, trying to merge the two into some kind of Frankenstein patchwork quilt of the real world and the military life. He almost wished for it.


He didn’t even look at Jim, just expected him to respond to the order. Infuriatingly, he knew he would, too. Because this all seemed like a game to the boy. He would respond to these little commands, sure, but his manner seemed to mock Sebastian for them. Playing the good little boy as long as it suited him. Sebastian couldn’t win. He would be frustrated if he did submit, and frustrated if he didn’t. As he put the last few plates away and started washing down countertops, he found his fingers absently tracing at the little scratches again. If he noticed himself doing at all, he wasn’t sure why. 

When he did finally look at Jim, drying his hands off and leaning only slightly with his back against the counter, he was processing Jim’s response. Having been silent possibly a little too long for anyone to really expect him to pick that conversation up again. “Surely university would be better than lurking around here all day, wouldn’t it?” And even as he stressed the correction, yes, look at you — such a grown up. University! He ignored the last little comment. 

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It’s munday, right?

Well here is myself and my Jim pulling our best fassy faces at the shark tank in a zoo we went to this weekend, woop woop!!

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// wow hello new followers. Jesus there’s a fucking horde of you. Did someone promo me where did you come from wow

uhm, if anyone’s here for text-based RP reasons, and you want an intro post or something, maybe like this and let me know? Or send a message?

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// Hey guys, thanks for joining me tonight!

I’m going to have to call it a night though :< But we had a lot of fun! And hello to all of the new followers, I just hit a milestone which was a super nice surprise hehe 

If you’re interested, the Jim cosplayer I’ve been interacting with tonight is also my girlfriend, so you should totally go send her asks because she is perfect and amazing <3


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I've been informed people want to see you wearing your stripes, tiger.

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There might be better things to stare at than your nails, but what kinda man keeps 'em that neat? You a pufter, lad? That what that's about?

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herd u liek dick
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Tiger, Tiger, burning bright. Missed me? //Ooopps, hiii~

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herd u liek dick

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